Star Wars RPG: Starships & Speeders (Hardcover)

Star Wars RPG: Starships & Speeders (Hardcover)

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With the Galactic Civil War raging, the Empire and Rebel Alliance fight their battles on planetary surfaces and in the depths of space. From the Empire's superweapons to the repurposed civilian craft of the Rebel Alliance, vehicles bring the fight to every conceivable environment. And as always, traders, smugglers, pirates, and more rely on vehicles and ships to ply their trade.

A galaxy of vehicles awaits in Starships & Speeders! This sourcebook collects ships from all three Star Wars RPG lines and introduces a number of vehicles never before profiled. From civilian speeders to mighty battleships, you'll find a suitable vessel for any situation that might arise in your game. Starships & Speeders is fully compatible with Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force & Destiny.

This supplemental rulebook includes:

• More than 130 vehicles from across the Star Wars galaxy, including all-new profiles such as the Cantwell-class Arrestor cruiser, Starhawk-class battleship, and Executor-class Super Star Destroyer.

• Unique ships flown by some of the most famous and infamous pilots in the galaxy, including Slave I, the Ark Angel, the Mist Hunter, the Ghost, and the Millennium Falcon.

• Advice and adventure seeds to help players and GMs integrate each vehicle into their games.


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