Star Wars RPG: 30th Anniversary Edition

Star Wars RPG: 30th Anniversary Edition

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The First steps Into a Larger World

Rediscover the game that launched a generation of roleplaying with Star Wars RPG: 30th Anniversary Edition. This deluxe set compiles high-quality reproductions of both Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game and The Star Wars Sourcebook, originally published by West End Games in 1987.

For years, Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game served as a gateway to the Star Wars universe, with fast-paced rules that play as well now as they did 30 years ago. The Star Wars Sourcebook provided an unprecedented level of detail about that galaxy far, far away, and its influence continues today.

Own a part of Star Wars gaming history, with ,i>Star Wars RPG: 30th Anniversary Edition.




A long time ago, at a gaming table far, far away...
Here it is-- the game that started it all. WEG's D6 Star Wars was considered so well-done that when Timothy Zahn was writing novels and needed reference materials, the people at Lucasfilm sent him a pile of game books and said, "Here. Use this." If ever a game fit a licensed property hand-in-glove, it was the marriage of West End Game's D6 system with the breakneck adventure of the Star Wars franchise-- fast at the gaming table, easy to learn, and fairly intuitive, D6 feels like it was made for the mother of all space opera adventures. Forty years on, this system still has a surprisingly active fan base, and sentiment seems split between the first edition (the version reprinted in this 30th Anniversary edition) and the second edition of D6 Star Wars, but the good news is that differences are minor and it isn't difficult to convert from one edition to the other, making forty years of fan-created game content surprisingly useful, no matter which edition you prefer. The ONE bit of negative feedback that I have about this boxed set, including the core rules and its most important supplement, is that the covers have a weird texture which is unlike any other hard-cover book I've ever owned... it feels smooth, almost like plastic or vinyl, and strikes me as being inferior material, although as far as I know this could be some sort of super-durable space-age polymer stuff which will outlive us all.
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Review by Jeff on 6/11/2020
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