Star Wars: X-Wing - ARC-170 Expansion Pack

Star Wars: X-Wing - ARC-170 Expansion Pack

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Wave 9 Expansion Pack

The Rebel Alliance recovered, repaired, and retrofitted a handful of ARC-170 starfighters during the Galactic Civil War. Though somewhat antiquated, the ship was still a force to be reckoned with, featuring powerful cannons, heavy shielding, and a tail gunner.

1 ARC-170 Ship
1 Plastic Base
2 Plastic Pegs
2 Ship Tokens
1 Manuever Dial
1 Focus Token
1 Stress Token
1 Evade Token
1 Critical Hit Token
2 Target Lock Tokens (CC, DD)
3 Shield Tokens
6 ID Tokens (#55, 56)
1 Dial ID Token
1 Reference Card
4 Ship Cards
- 1 Norra Wexley
- 1 Shara Bey
- 1 Thane Kyrell
- 1 Braylen Stramm

9 Upgrade Cards
- 1 Adrenaline Rush
- 1 Recon Specialist
- 1 Tail Gunner
- 2 R3 Astromech
- 1 Seismic Torpedo
- 2 Vectored Thrusters
- 1 Alliance Overhaul

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game is required to play.


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One of the best Rebels? Probably
This ship is absolutely fantastic. Its has a great dial, amazing auxiliary firing arc, and can put down some phenomenal firepower. The upgrades are great with it and out of the box it can handle most things you throw at it. The astromech slot accompanied by the crew slot makes it a versatile craft to fly.

The Arc-170 pairs well with nearly any ship. Arc-170 and X-wing? You have firepower and menuverability. Arc-170 and YT? You got health and extreme firepower with all the angles. It fills a lot of roles with some extreme firepower.

Buy it, you wont regret it
Game Play
Review by William on 6/10/2017
Interesting ship combinations like these keep this game interesting and fun.
The ARC-170 features 2 attack, 1 agility, 6 hull and 3 shields. Seems like a B-Wing already, but the modifications and upgrades are what makes this Clone Wars era ship shine. The ARC-170 has an auxillary firing arc in its rear and has the focus and target lock action icons. The first ship for the Rebels to feature a crew and Astromech slot will allow interesting combinations. A super tanky version starring your favorite droid duo has been built and played. C-3PO and R2-D2 makes the ARC-170 extremely difficult to take down, even with 1 agility! But the other options are great to. The Alliance Overhaul is a brand new title for the Rebels. It allows you to fire an additional die from your primary arc, and allows you to change 1 of your focus results to a critical, all without spending your token! That’s some nice action economy! Add in the named pilot Shara Bey and fire away. Poe Dameron’s mom is one pilot you don’t want to mess with! She works well with a team. Just like K-Wing pilot Esege Tuketu, Shara Bey acts as a support ship for your squadron. Give Shara a Weapons Engineer and she has 2 target locks to help her buddies out!
Game Play
Review by Lee on 3/18/2017
A Great Addition
The ARC is fantastic. It's a truck, on par with the Y-Wing, and just a great all-rounder. It hits like a ton of bricks, has a rear firing arc and comes with some cool upgrade cards. It's a solid pick up for any Rebel player.
Game Play
Review by Christian on 1/10/2017