Invasion from Outer Space

Invasion from Outer Space

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Manufacturer: Flying Frog Productions

It is the early 1950's, the dawn of the Atomic Age, and mankind is on the brink of setting out to explore the new frontier of space. But what they don't know is that space has already come to them! In a small field near a traveling carnival just outside of a sleepy rural town in middle America, the first Martian Saucers begin to land - the vanguard to a massive alien armada. The Invasion has begun!

In this fast-paced, modular game of fiendish Martians, Big Top Heroes, and SciFi Movie Action, players take on the role of either Carnival Heroes, using their special talents and working together to fight off the Martian Invasion; or as the invaders themselves, waves of Martian Soldiers and Flying Saucers, blasting Humans with Ray Guns and unleashing their vile alien technologies upon the Earth. Invasion From Outer Space is fully compatible with Last Night on Earth, and can be combined to form a massive game with up to three independent factions (Heroes, Zombies, and Martians).