Folklore: The Affliction - Farmer Bundle (2nd Edition Upgrade)

Folklore: The Affliction - Farmer Bundle (2nd Edition Upgrade) (Thanksgiving Leftovers Sale)

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Manufacturer: Greenbrier Games

My travels have taken me to the black corners of this land. I have seen wonders and terrors alike. I have huddled for warmth in alley and cave, drank of waters both foul and holy. I've lost every book I've read, every coin I've clutched, and every hand I've held. But here I sit, by my own hearth, on my own farm, surrounded by friends.

Many a long night await you out there in the wilds. May the bread we break tonight carry you through, at least for a time. When you are lost, or cold, or lonely, remember this fire we shared.


 • Update your 1st Edition copy with everything new!

 • Includes revised 2nd Edition rulebook, updated errata cards, and other content.

 • The Equipment Pack brings new life to previously text-only items and companions.

 • Contains new Vita/Power Point/Creature dial trackers

 • Create your own stories and characters with the Adventure Creation Kit

 • Experience six brutal stories in the Nightmare Tales book.

1 Adventure Creation Kit
12 Booklets
1 Collectible Coin & Pouch
1 Equipment Card Pack
5 Trackers
1 Update Pack

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Folklore: The Affliction (1st Edition) is required to play.