Flames of War: Arab-Israeli War - T-34/85M

Flames of War: Arab-Israeli War - T-34/85M (Last Chance)

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Manufacturer: Battlefront Miniatures

15mm Scale

Egypt, as a former British protectorate, received military assistance and equipment from Great Britain after World War II. However, following the 1952 revolution, the United Arab Republic (as Egypt became) pursued an anti-colonial policy which received enthusiastic support from the Soviet Union, including substantial quantities of military hardware.

Retaining the robust mobility and sloped armour of the original T-34, with the added punch of a long 85mm gun, the T-34/85 was an capable vehicle and pointed the way to the main battle tank concept. Its overall performance was roughly equivalent to a 76mm-armed M1 Super Sherman, many of which were used by the Israelis.

3 T-34/85M Tanks
3 Plastic Component Sprues
1 Tank Commander Sprue
3 AA MGs
6 Rare Earth Magnets

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly required.