Flames of War: WW2 - Jalkavaki Platoon

Flames of War WW2: Finnish - Jalkavaki Platoon

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Manufacturer: Battlefront Miniatures

15mm Scale


Suitable for Early, Mid, Late War

The main strength of the Finnish army is its well-trained and skilfully-led Jalkavakikomppania (pronounced yahl-kah-vae-kee-komp-pahn-ee-ya) or infantry company well tested in battles of the Winter War. A Kapteeni (Captain) leads an infantry company of three platoons. Finnish infantry companies are organised along German lines and have four squads. A cadre of Finnish field officers fought as a Jager battalion in the German Army in World War One. They returned to teach German Jager tactics to all the Finnish officers. As a result Finnish field officers are very well trained and after three years of war, highly experienced.

3 Officers
5 NCOs
1 SMG Man with AT Grenade
4 Machine-gunners
29 Riflemen
2 Small Bases
8 Medium Bases

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly required.