Flames of War: Vietnam - M113 M74C and T50 Turrets

Flames of War: Vietnam - M113 M74C & T50 Turrets (Last Chance)

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Manufacturer: Battlefront Miniatures

15mm Scale

The Aussies quickly found that the commanders of their M113 armoured personnel carriers ("buckets" to the diggers that they carried) were far too exposed and began to acquire gun shields from the Americans. These were soon supplemented with fully-enclosed M74C turrets mounting twin .30 calibre machine-guns. These cramped turrets were in turn supplemented with the larger T50 turret off the Cadillac-Gage Commando armoured car mounting paired .50 cal and .30 cal machine-guns.

2 M74C Turrets
2 T50 Turrets
4 Tank Commander Figures
1 M113 Commander Head Sprue

Note: The M113 M74C and T50 Turrets blister pack does not include the M113; the M113 has to be purchased separately as part of the M113 Platoon box set.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly required.