Zpocalypse: Aftermath - Fortifications Pack

Zpocalypse: Aftermath - Fortifications Pack (On Sale)

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Manufacturer: Greenbrier Games

Greenbrier Games, makers of Zpocalypse, are back with a new expansion! Aftermath: Fortifications is a collection of miniatures specifically designed to work with the board game Zpocalypse, as well as games using 25-28mm scale miniatures.

The detail in the set shows how dire an apocalyptic setting can be. In order to make the mountain of sandbags, tires, and wood with spikes, someone had to lend a hand... or a foot. Strapped together with razor wire, the former iron gate mixed with mattresses and cement blocks is as solid as you can get in the badlands of Zpocalypse. Cars are pretty much useless in the Zpocalypse. So you might as well take the tires, add some spikes and corrugated metal and wrap the whole thing with the thickest chain you can find. Use it to keep your unhappy new home cozy. These fortifications are just a taste of what you will find inside!

15 Walls
10 Sandbags
10 Traps
5 Gates
1 Lookout Tower

This is not a stand-alone game. This is an accessory for Zpocalypse.