Grimslingers (3rd Edition): The Northern Territory Expansion

Grimslingers (3rd Edition): The Northern Territory Expansion

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Manufacturer: Greenbrier Games

The Northern Territory is an expansion to the Grimslingers core game, which refines and redefines all aspects of the game, while adding more of what players love. Improved gameplay and strategic choices in player versus player, along with a plethora of new solo/co-op content for players to delve into for many hours.

• Greatly revised rulebook based on player feeedback.

• All new "choose your own adventure" style campaign.

• Contains a uniquely beautiful poker deck, used for procedurally generated areas.

• Explore 5 all new areas, each with their own special events and challenges.

• Now Nyunyo, Luella, Cute Kipper, and La Fleur Noire all have their own unique skills and resources.

• Acquire and spend progress points to build, customize, and advance your chosen character.

• Find legendary chests to discover powerful new items.

• Fight a host of new monsters, including new modifiers and dispositions that bolster strategic play.

• All new player aids to help learn the game and easily remember the rules and organize your play space.

3 Booklets
8 Player Aid Mats
188 Cards
Pad of Progress Sheets
Pad of Achievement Sheets

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 15-90 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Grimslingers (3rd Edition) is required to play.