Pixie Queen

Pixie Queen

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Come, my pixies...my naughty ones, come and serve your Queen. Do as you're told and you won't suffer...too much. O, how I crave some sweet honey, juicy apples, and warm bread from those dim-witted humans. Or some shiny silver and gold from the mines. Who knows, you may even cast me a ring out of that precious gold. So what are you waiting for? You know what I desire, so get on with it!

Pixie Queen is an interactive and strategic worker-placement game about a Queen who rules over her subordinates like a true tyrant. During the game, the best player will receive the least penalty points. The reward points, which you obtain by using various game tactics, are only added during the final scoring.

1 Game Board
5 Player Screens
300 Wooden Components
59 Cardboard Tiles
1 Mining Bag
1 Whip Die
1 Casino Die
1 Sticker Sheet
4 Rulebooks (English, German, French, Dutch)

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 100 minutes



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