Super Fantasy: Ugly Snouts Assault

Super Fantasy: Ugly Snouts Assault

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Manufacturer: Golden Egg Games

Each one of the had a reason for seeking vengeance.

Each one of them had a weapon to do it.

Each one of them was a hero...more or less.

Super Fantasyis an adventure game where 1 to 6 players take on the roles of heroes with fantastic powers, seeking their ruthless vengeance against the terrible Ugly Snout troops.

Emerged from the underground, these horrible creatures have wronged each one of the great heroes and now it is time for a showdown.

Will you take the role of mighty Barka, whose mother has been kidnapped, or Yang-Ping the Shadowmaster, who was beaten in a contest for the best cake by Zur'ill, Warlock of the Greeny-Stinky-Pitcher, Great Alchemist and Keeper of the Gargantuamask?

Whoever you choose, it is time to face the Ugly Snouts!

Super Fantasy is a dungeon crawler with 4 player modes: Solo, Co-op, Master, and Arena,

It's ridiculous and ironic background, its easy to learn rules, and its hack'n'slash features make this game unique and innovative for its genre. Prepare for the final battle!

1 Fate Die
6 Player Sheets
6 Action Dice
54 Plastic Stands
24 Wooden Counters
3 Halls
11 Rooms
3 Long Hallways
3 Short Hallways
1 Ladder
36 Standups (6 Heroes, 21 Monsters, 6 Big Monsters, 3 Mega Bosses)
2 Portals
85 Special Tokens
128 Tiles
18 Doors
24 Cylinders
Quest Book

Ages: 8+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 90 minutes