Sci-Fi Infantry Status Token Set

Sci-Fi Infantry Status Token Set (Last Chance)

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Manufacturer: Gale Force 9

The Infantry Support Set is the second release for the new series of Sci-Fi Status Tokens for use with modern, near-future, far future and grim future miniature battles and role-playing games.

The Infantry Support Set empowers you to track the condition, fighting strength and morale of your Infantry as they battle across the table top. This pack is designed for gaming in a wide variety of science fiction and modern warfare systems and features the most important infantry and troop status effects.

These tokens are done in the incomparable Gale Force Nine style with a glossy black and shining chrome color scheme. Each token is laser cut from durable clear acrylic plastic and backed with felt to protect your gaming surface and miniatures.

Sci-Fi Status Tokens Infantry Support Set:

4 Fleeing tokens

3 No Assault tokens

6 Moral Check tokens

4 Pinned tokens

3 Under 50% Strength tokens