Commands and Colors: Napoleonics - Expansion #5

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics - Expansion #5: Generals, Marshals, & Tacticians

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Generals, Marshals, and Tacticians is the fifth expansion for the Commands and Colors: Napoleonics game system. There are 18 historical scenarios, a few new units, a couple of new game mechanics including Garrison Markers and rules for forming and battling with a Grand Battery. But what really makes this expansion stand out is the introduction of a deck of Napoleonic Tactician cards. These 50 cards are designed to spice up each and every player's Napoleonic experience by enhancing the role of leaders on the battlefield, without adding additional complexity. Tactician cards may hinder the opposition army, enhance a player's units or may instantly change the course of a battle. In addition to the new deck of Tactician cards, there is a brand new updated deck of Command cards. For the most part, the new deck of 90 Command cards has not gone through any major changes, its main focus on how the Command cards work in conjunction with the new deck of Tactician cards.

1 Scenario Booklet Featuring 18 Historical Scenarios plus Expansion Rules
2 Double-Sided Terrain Effects Chart Cards
2 Commander Tactician Ratings Cards
1 Terrain Tile Sheet
2 Block Label Sheets
1 Deck of 90 Command Cards
1 Deck of 50 Tactician Cards
19 18mm x 18mm x 8mm Wood Blocks
- 7 Portuguese Brown
- 12 British Red

35 22mm x 22mm x 8mm Wood Blocks
- 16 Russian Green
- 3 Prussian Grey
- 12 British Red
- 4 French Blue

11 22mm x 28mm x 8mm Wood Blocks
- 4 Russian Green
- 1 Portuguese Brown
- 3 British Red
- 3 French Blue

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 60-180 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Commands and Colors: Napoleonics is required to play. In order to play some of the scenarios in this expansion, copies of the Austrian Army, Prussian Army, Russian Army, and Spanish Army Expansions are required.