Village Attacks: Core Game

Village Attacks: Core Game


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Manufacturer: Grimlord Games

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This is a place where evil calls home. Deep in the foothills of a secluded land stands a castle where creatures of lore and legend reside, and from here they strike out at the world and cause unspeakable terror. For too long the local villagers have lived in the shadow of this place, but no more! A call to arms has been made, and heroes and adventurers from across the land have answered the call! The villagers now come to destroy that which gives evil life, and they cannot be allowed to succeed.

Village Attacks is a cooperative castle defense game where players take on the roles of the most infamous creatures of folklore and legend from around the world! Deep in a remote part of the world, you and your monstrous associates have taken up residence in an immense castle in the foothills of lands where most fear to tread. But the local village has had enough of the evil that lies at its door and has decided to lay siege to the castle in an effort to drive you out and destroy whatever ties you to this world.

The villagers are controlled by the game itself, making Village Attacks a completely cooperative experience. The villagers may be weak, but they are not alone! News of your malevolent presence has spread far and wide; hunters and heroes have come from all corners of the globe to vanquish you! Some have come for the fame, others for the glory, but they share a single goal: your doom!

The castle interior is constructed using a modular tile system made up from beautifully illustrated game tiles that allow for near limitless combinations and layouts. The villagers will attempt to reach the heart of the castle and destroy it, but they must be stopped! Only by slaying enough villagers and breaking their morale will you be able to drive them from your home for good.

5 Monster Miniatures
32 Peasant Miniatures
24 Hunter Miniatures
5 Town Hero Miniatures
16 Game Tiles
1 Game Overview Tile
5 Monster Dashboards
5 Town Hero Tokens
8 Custom Engraved Dice
44 Villager Spawn Cards
20 Trap Cards
25 Village Event Card
168 Tokens
35 Colored Clip On Bases
1 Dice Bag
1 First Player Coin
1 Rulebook

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 30-180 minutes