Dragon Age RPG: Core Rulebook

Dragon Age RPG: Core Rulebook

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Welcome to Dragon Age, a pen and paper roleplaying game of dark fantasy adventure. In Dragon Age, you and your friends take on the personas of warriors, mages, and rogues in the world of Thedas and try to make your names by overcoming sinister forces and deadly challenges. Based on the hit video game franchise, the Dragon Age RPG brings the excitement of BioWare's rich fantasy world to the tabletop. This is classic roleplaying, where the story is yours to create and the action takes place in your imagination.

This comprehensive Core Rulebook includes the full rules for the Dragon Age RPG under one cover for the first time.

Inside this book you'll find:

- The Adventure Game Engine, a rules system that is easy to learn and fun to play.

- An innovative stunt system that keeps the action cinematic and exciting.

- Complete level 1-20 advancement rules for mages, rogues, and warriors, plus specializations for each class such as the arcane warrior, assassin, berserker, force mage, marksman, and spirit warrior.

- Advice for both players and Game Masters, plus rules options for creating organizations, narrative mass combat, and rune magic.

- Adversaries for your heroes, from the lowly genlock to the mighty Archdemon!

- Extensive background information on the nations, peoples, and organizations of the world of Thedas.

- Three complete adventures, including a brand new introductory adventure.

- A variety of campaign frameworks for GMs to choose from. You can run a campaign during such events as the Fifth Blight, the Mage-Templar War, or the rise of the Inquisition.