Sentinels of the Multiverse: Miss Information Mini Expansion

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Miss Information Mini Expansion


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A 27 card mini-expansion to Sentinels of the Multiverse featuring an unconventional, alchemy-based hero: Miss Information!

Aminia Twain, assistant to the Freedom Five died in an alternate dimension, but her vengeful spirit lives on! Jumping from reality to reality, Miss Information takes over the Aminia Twain of each dimension, plotting the downfall of heroes throughout the Multiverse!

Miss Information is a standalone villain character with her own unique deck of 25 villain cards, a character card, and a rules card.




Different Villain to Fit. Thematic!
MI has 2 primary cards in her deck. The first are diversions, or missions she sends the heroes out on that aren't exactly what they seem. These function like ongoing cards but don't have the ongoing trait.Each diversion either has HP or a way to eliminate it (like destroying H hero cards) and some sort of effect (like the player with the most cards in play must destroy 1 card at the end of each villain turn, or dealing damage to the heroes). These cards are the missions she is sending the heroes on to weaken them until she can finally reveal herself and destroy the Freedom Five!

Her other primary card are clues. These are different clues that they heroes find the figure out the identity of their new, secret attacker. Each clue has 2 negative effects that occur with it (one clue increases damage dealt by villain targets by 1 and plays an extra villain card at the start of each villain turn if there are no diversions in play, another clue reduces damage dealt to MI by 1 and moves one diversion card from the villain trash into play at the start of each villain turn). All of these clues cause MI to get more powerful but need to stay in play for her to reveal herself.

The rest of the cards in her deck deal with drawing out diversion cards and/or causing the heroes to discard cards from their deck and hand, thus limiting their effectiveness against her.

Like every villain in the game MI has 2 sides. Her first side is Demure Office Worker, as shown in the picture above. She can't be hurt because no one knows who she is, but she does destroy ongoing/equipment cards each turn and, if there are x clue cards in play, she flips to her Revealed Saboteur side where she has 45 HP. On this side she deals damage the first time she is dealt damage each turn and also deals damage on her turn as well. She also has a Clark Kent effect, where she loses the glasses and becomes an entirely different person that no one recognizes when they come into the office. I think I'd notice if my secretary was beating the snot out of me and just wore glasses as a disguise when they weren't. Just saying. Anyways.


I feel like they captured MI really well her, especially in her job as secretary for the Freedom Five. She's really annoying to fight because you can't get anything out in front of you when she's the office worker, and you have to start almost cold turkey against her card wise when she flips. Since she's the office assistant for the Five that makes perfect sense. Plus, I love how she sends them on these crazy missions that are not what they seem. I also like how she's different from all the other villains and is hard to fight, even though she doesn't have a ton of health. If it takes you a while to flip the clue cards you need you can be in big trouble.

I'd recommend this expansion to anyone who likes Sentinels of the Multiverse. You can never have too many villains to fight!
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Review by Erik on 8/16/2016