Risk: Star Wars Edition

Risk: Star Wars Edition

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You control the fate of the Empire!

Battle in space as Risk: Star Wars Edition lets you recreate the dramatic final moments of the "Return of the Jedi." Who will win - the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance?

Special T.I.E. Fighter gameboard features 3 theaters of combat, and ship armies include an assortment of iconic Star Wars vehicles.

3 Gameboard Pieces
20 X-Wings
16 Y-Wings
15 B-Wings
56 T.I.E. Fighters
6 Rebel Fleet Markers
Millennium Falcon Token
Executor Token
4 Hit Tokens
9 Stormtrooper Tokens
Rebel Strike Team Token
30 Empire Order Cards
30 Rebel Order Cards
5 Dice
Game Guide

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30-60 minutes



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YES, More Risk! More Star Wars!
I know everyone has seen a hundred different versions of Risk, but its Star Wars!! A fun simple way to have fighter battles in a family game setting. And hey if you play Armada, you can always use these to add tons more fighter squadrons. :)
Game Play
Review by James on 11/19/2015
the force is strong with these
Personally this is one of the best “spin of” version of risk what could be far more entertaining that recrating the rebel war against the empire or better, become the empire, there are missions for casual games, and the classic mode that could be played for hours in a single game. Also the price is really good
Game Play
Review by Imanol on 10/13/2015