Star Wars Risk: The Black Series

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Recreate the final moments of Return of the Jedi. Play as the Empire and destory the Rebel fleet, or play as the Rebel Alliance and destroy the Death Star.

Rebel Player - Your mission is to destroy the Death Star, but first you must destory the shield generator protecting it on Endor. Be carefule that the Emperor and Darth Vader don't destroy Luke, though, as that will tilt the game to the Dark Side.

Empire Player - Your mission is to defeat all Rebel ships before they destroy the Death Star. Stop the Rebels from destroying the shield generator, and make sure Luke doesn't destroy Darth Vader...or worse, redeem him and strengthen the Rebels' assault.

6 Rebel Fleet Markers
3 Gameboard Pieces
1 Millennium Falcon Ship with Stand
1 Executor with Stand
1 Death Star with Stand
20 X-Wings
16 Y-Wings
15 B-Wings
56 TIE Fighters
4 Hit Tokens
9 Stormtrooper Figures
Rebel Strike Team Token
30 Rebel Order Cards
30 Empire Order Cards
5 Translucent Dice

Ages: 10+
Players: 2 or 4
Game Length: 40 minutes