Dominations: Road to Civilization

Dominations: Road to Civilization

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Manufacturer: Holy Grail Games

History Belongs to You!

Take on the role of a primitive tribe and, over the course of several millennia, transform it into a Nation whose influence will echo the through ages!

Triangular land tiles will be placed by all players during the game. These represent the growth of your population and its expansion into new territories! With each tile, your Nation grows larger and learns - earning you Knowledge, the main resource of the game.

There are six different Domains of Knowledge upon which to build your Civilization: Craftsmanship, Trade, Art, Science, Government, and Religion. Each one of these Domains has its own color.

Your nation will leave its mark on the world around it. Building Cities, hubs of humanity and proof of your growing influence and wealth, as well as Monuments, truly awe-inspiring structures and Testaments to science, culture, faith, and more, that can bring a plethora of advantages to your people.

Dominations is an advanced Eurogame which offers players a great amount of freedom to choose and develop their strategies. The core mechanics of the game are simple yet offer a lot of depth, keeping the game fluid and immersive. Additionally, players will appreciate the game's competitive yet non-confrontational style, pushing them to concentrate on making the greatest civilization they can, not crushing others. Veteran board gamers will be able to draw out all the subtleties of the game's vast array of possibilities, whereas novice players can quickly assimilate the core rules before moving on to learn the key elements of the Eurogame genre.

90 Land Tiles with Storage Trays
1 Cradle of Humanity Tile
288 Mastery Cards with Storage Trays
4 Campfire Cards
16 Objective Cards
12 Monuments with Cards and Standees
6 Domination Cards
4 Player Boards with Tokens & Sliders
1 Scoreboard
72 Player Counters
Player & Mastery Gaming Aids

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 80-120 minutes



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