Heroes of Normandie

Heroes of Normandie

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Heroes of Normandie Playthrough

Just beyond the Normandy Coast in the beautiful summer of 1944...

The sun shines, the daisies bloom, the hedgerows stand tall. Early in the morning, distant machine guns chatter sporadically, and the boom of distant explosions rumble in the sky. Thousands of men battle one another and die, in bravery or in cowardice, as Heroes or simply as men.

In our story, we leave out the extras and focus in on the Heroes who populate the classic Hollywood war movies, from the supporting actors up to the stars. A Bridge Too Far, The Longest Day, Patton, Kelly's Heroes, Saving Private Ryan. These films are our inspirations, and this is what we have given you in Heroes of Normandie!

In order to reproduce the atmosphere of these timeless movie classics, we stepped up the pace of the traditional war game. We have provided you with everything you need to make even the smallest scene explosively exciting! We want you to grin with delight as you mow down those invading GIs with your MG42, or when you bombard those Nazi swine with your bunker smashing mortar fire!

4 Complete Platoons
  ‣ 2 US
  ‣ 2 German
2 Officers
  ‣ 1 US
  ‣ 1 German
Tanks, Light Vehicles, Heavy Weapons, Character Traits, Equipment, and Orders
6 Heroes
  ‣ 3 US
  ‣ 3 German
28 Wooden Order Markers
4 Dice
  ‣ 2 US
  ‣ 2 German
6 Two-sided Gameboards
1 Turn Counter Track
2 Decks of 76 Cards
3 Destructible Houses
4 Defensive Positions
1 Rulebook
1 Scenario Book

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 60 minutes

NOTE: This is the 2013 Devil Pig Games, IELLO English (US) First Edition.




WWII cinematic
Heroes of Normandie is a WWII game without miniatures. Instead it uses counters. You don't have to remember the stats of the units, beacuse it is all on the counters. The characters (Heroes) are based on movie heroes, such as Kelly and his friends.

The combat is not just dice rolling, but You can play card, which can turn the tide of the battle.

The quality is top notch and if the base game is not enough, there are tons of expansions.
Game Play
Review by Janos on 9/23/2015
Fantastic game
Fun game, great detail, not complex, but not overly simple, larger scale for us with older eyes, taste of 15mm miniatures but uses counters. Worth the cost.
Game Play
Review by RBH on 7/6/2014
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