Guardians' Chronicles (Clearance)

Guardians' Chronicles (Clearance)

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Episode 1 - Doktor Skarov Threatens All


Doktor Skarov is pushing his evil agendas.

Fortunately the members of Liberty Patrol are here. The four of them.

All protectors of the innocent and fervent defenders of liberty.

Are going to thwart the nefarious plans of that unsavory character.

In Guardians' Chronicles, one player plays Doktor Skarov and does his best to fulfill his evil designs. The other players play the members of Liberty Patrol and work together to oppose the warped scientist's megalomania. Doktor Skarov launches his destructive actions from his reputedly impregnable personalized base, assembled from 9 double-sided tiles and full of sneaky crafty traps to block his opponents' path.

In order to challenge the brave and valiant members of Liberty Patrol, the Doktor is going to lead an army of robots and ninja mercenaries that are up to the task of dealing with the join strategies and super powers of the heroes who seek to end his dreams for conquest. The superheroes, on the other hand, will call on wit and optimal teamwork to annihilate any obstacles standing in their way.


9 Double-sided Tiles
4 Hero ID Cards
8 Villain ID Cards
8 Power Cards per Hero
4 Initiative Cards
20 Event Cards
20 Wound Cards
Damage, Bonus/Penalty, Door, and Environment Tokens
4 Superhero Figures
1 Figure of the President's Daughter
1 Figure of Doktor Skarov
1 Rule Booklet
1 Scenario Booklet
Articles to Make Up the Front Page of the Guardians' Chronicles

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 120 minutes




Good game play, components are meh
Gameplay is good. the Component quality is meh. Its a fun all vs 1 game. If components are not an issue you will enjoy this game. Rule book is not good., Search the web for a fan updated rulebook that corrects it and adds in FAQs.
Game Play
Review by C Fed on 1/17/2019
Great game, terrible rulebook.
The game is like a superhero descent. There are a lot of cool combos that the heroes can put together, and despite what some people may say, I think that the minis are a good quality and the game is very worthwhile. I have to admit that the rulebook is the worst I have ever read, but if you get past that, then the game is one worth playing.
Game Play
Review by Spazz on 7/26/2016
OK game and miniatures quality leaves a lot to be desired.
This game is ok at best. The game play has some quirks and some neat ideas. But the miniatures are of a smaller scale and terrible quality. The other game components are decent. I would recommend buying this on clearance and substituting some hero clix or reaper miniatures rather than the stock ones. If the poor quality miniatures dont bother you then this might be a worth while game.
Game Play
Review by Chris on 10/23/2015