Krosmaster: Arena - Junior Base Game (Clearance)

Krosmaster: Arena - Junior Base Game (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Japanime Games

Hoist the sail for a fantastic trip to Moon Island!

A lighter version of Krosmaster: Arena! The main spirit of the Arena is brought by Krosmaster Junior, allowing even the youngest players to understand the rules and play with a friend. Choose your Hero among 4 available characters and get the best out of their abilities to win. Stand up to the other fighters through 7 adventures in 4 different environments!

4 Exclusive Figures and Adventure Notebooks
4 Playful Environments
4 Dice
50 Score Sheets
1 Rule Book
12 Scenery Pieces

Ages: 7+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 5-15 minutes per adventure




Great intro
This game was what helped me pick the game up, along with my son. It teaches the mechanics of the game alot better than the base game. Also, it is compatible with the bigger game, as they give you the character cards for each of the characters in the box.

Worth the money. Fun family game too, as you play all 6 scenarios to determine the winner.
Game Play
Review by Jonathan on 10/27/2015
A good introduction to the Krosmaster universe
I picked this up as an intro to Krosmaster for my son. It has a pretty good introduction system, where you play short games that slowly introduce the mechanics of the game and do so in a fun way. My son really enjoyed this and it helped him get ready to play the full game. My son is 9 and some of the earlier scenarios were a bit too watered down for him, but the later scenarios were spot on. I'd say this game works well for 6 and up.
Game Play
Review by Uriah on 9/10/2015