Batman Miniatures Game: The Flash & the Arrow Expansion Rulebook

Batman Miniatures Game: The Flash & the Arrow Expansion Rulebook (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Knight Models

While Gotham City famously counts the Batman as its protector, it is not the only city to give birth to superhuman guardians and dastardly villains. Central City, Star City, Gorilla City, and Lian Yu Island, to name but a few, are all home to heroes and villains with myriad powers and uncanny abilities. Outside of Gotham, among the most heroes are the Flash and the Green Arrow, whose names have become legend. Along with their associates, these heroes unite to protect their cities from evil whenever it threatens.

This book is the first expansion for the Batman Miniatures Game. Within these pages you will find supplemental rules for introducing vehicles and speedsters to your games; forming custom crews to represent famous teams from the DC universe, such as the Teen Titans and the Suicide Squad; a host of new Traits and special rules; new scenarios representing battlegrounds in Gotham, Central City, Star City, and beyond; and, of course, plenty of information on the stars of the show: the Flash and the Green Arrow!

Note: This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Batman Miniatures Game: Rulebook is required to play.