DC Universe Miniatures Game: Suicide Squad Set (On Sale)

DC Universe Miniatures Game: Suicide Squad Set (On Sale)

Product #K35DCUN018

Regular Price: $37.50

Special Price: $22.00

20+ In stock

Manufacturer: Knight Models

35mm Scale

White metal components.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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Great set only mired by some assembly issues.
A solid set for anyone who loves these characters. It's a great deal to get three characters for such a low price, especially when compared to buying them each on their own. A fair warning: I bought this for Deadshot and Katana so I have basically zero experience with Captain Boomerang as he's going to a friend of mine.

The sculpts are a bit older, and it shows when placed next to some of the new resin models in the line, but they're still nice and crisp with plenty of detail. Deadshot, in particular, is great and his rifle is massive and imposed.

Only real downside is how fiddly the assembly can be. Katana's arms had to be forced into position, and there was a bit of flash on the sword that was obnoxious to clean and Deadshot, despite having a peg and hole system for one leg needed the peg filed down fairly extensively to get it to go in flush. Once assembled they look great, but there was a bit of annoying work needed.

Overall, though, this is a great set if you want at least two of these characters to add to your crews. And if you play both BMG and DCU then you're getting even more bang for your buck!
Game Play
Review by Spencer on 3/24/2018