Nusfjord (Last Chance)

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Today, Nusfjord is a tranquil fishing village in the Lofted archipelago in northern Norway. 50 years ago, business was booming when the codfish would come for spawning. Nowadays, Nusfjord is more of a museum than a village with less than a hundred inhabitants remaining. Cruise ships, until recently, would pass by the mostly-abandoned beauty of the island; now, tourists are charged money just to look at the houses and landscape.

But, travel back in time and Nusfjord is completely transformed. Sailing ships dominated the fjord and the rocky beauty of the island was masked by vast forests. Visit the heyday of Nusfjord`s maritime commerce and expansion, and success may be yours!

1 Action Board
1 Ships & Elders Supply Board
2 Building Displays
1 Banquet Table
1 Imitation Tile
132 Building Tiles
18 Elder Cards
18 Ship Tiles
30 Forests
15 Start Player Tiles
1 Start Player Ship
100 Fish Tokens
50 Wood Tokens
41 Gold Coins
9 Multiplication Tiles
5 Harbor Boards
5 Elder Councils
5 Supply Boards
15 Worker Dice
1 Rulebook
1 Appendix

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 20-100 minutes

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