Falling Stars RPG: Beginner Game

Falling Stars RPG: Beginner Game

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Fifty years after first contact, the human race is beset by deadly machinations of several human factions as they struggle to extend their reach into the greater galaxy. A mysterious alien race has emerged whose ultimate intentions are as obscure as their origin. Each vies with the others to direct the future of our species among the stars and only you can determine the outcome.

Assemble your friends and discover a future whose destiny lies in your hands. The Beginner Game is the fastest way path to the stars and beyond. It is designed to help introduce the exciting world of Role Playing and Tactical Gaming, yet provides a new game system and tactical rules that are constructed to be enjoyed by experienced role players and tactical sci-fi skirmish games, Falling Stars has it all for all types of gamers. Whether you're looking for the depth of a new universe to explore or just want some fast, easy tactical rules for some down and dirty gaming.


• One Rulebook which includes the basic rules for role playing and skirmishing.

• Three chapter adventure which can be launched into a campaign of your own making or continued in the supplemental campaign book.

• Eight pre-generated characters folios, fully created and ready to use out of the box.

• One Full-color character counters.

• 28mm scale full color printed maps for the adventure, completely reusable for future Falling Stars adventures and campaigns.

• Two Ten-sided dice



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