Flesh & Blood TCG: Classic Battles - Rhinar vs Dorinthea

Flesh & Blood TCG: Classic Battles - Rhinar vs Dorinthea

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Manufacturer: Legend Story Studios

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Designed to welcome new players to the world of Flesh & Blood, Classic Battles: Rhinar vs Dorinthea includes two 40-card decks ready to play out of the box, Cold Foil hero and weapon cards, Rainbow Foil equipment, full art mentors, a quickstart playmat, and a 48 page illustrated lore booklet telling the tale of these heroes and how their classic battle became stuff of legend.


 • Reprise - Masters of close combat, warriors can swiftly punish the enemy when they attempt to defend an attack.

 • The Dawnblade - Your beloved Dawnblade is the centerpiece of your deck, and will lead you to victory!

 • Spread the Light - With the blessings of Sol, it's up to you to protect the innocents and uphold the Light.


 • Intimidate - Fear, more powerful than tooth, claw, or club. Immobilize your enemies with your terrifying bellows.

 • King of the Jungle - Roam the Savage Lands as an unstoppable apex predator, show first instinct is to attack to kill.

 • Strong Survive - Strength rules all. Your attacks with 6 or more power enable powerful effects!

2 Ready-to-Play 40-card Blitz Decks
Hero, Weapon, & Equipment Cards
Mini Lore Book
Paper Playmat

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