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Manufacturer: Mindclash Games

It is the late 26th century.

Earth is recovering from a catastrophic explosion that exterminated the majority of the population centuries ago and made most of the surface uninhabitable. The surviving humans organized themselves along four radically different ideologies: Harmony, Dominance, Progress, and Salvation. Followers of the four Paths live in a fragile peace, living in almost complete isolation next to each other.

Now an even more terrible cataclysm is looming on the horizon: an asteroid is heading towards the Earth. The time travel technology discovered in the wake of the old cataclysm is the best way to prepare for the impending impact; and it is up to the Leaders if they see it as a threat or as a potential.

1 Main Board
4 Player Boards
4 Path Boards
1 Doomsday Board
1 Chronobot Board
1 Evacuation Action Tile
80 Plastic Resource Cubes
30 Plastic Water Drops
6 Custom Dice
20 Experiment Cards
8 Leader Cards
22 Recruit and Mine Pool Cards
16 Starting Asset Cards
9 Endgame Condition Cards
12 Dual-sided Timeline Tiles
1 Impact Tile
72 Building and Anomaly Tiles
18 Superproject Tiles
45 Breakthrough Tiles
4 Player Banners with Plastic Standee
1 Chronobot Banner
30 Exosuit Markers
80 Worker Tokens
15 Collapsing Capital Tiles
9 "Hex Unavailable" Tiles
24 Energy Core Tokens
44 Warp Tokens
16 Paradox Tokens
32 Path Markers
6 Chronobot Tokens
66 Victory Point Tokens
10 Tracker Tokens
80 Plastic Resource Tokens
3x1 Rulebooks
3x4 Player Aids
1 Scoring Pad

Ages: 15+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 30-120 minutes




Outstanding Worker Placement game with a little Time Travel to Boot!
I have plenty Worker Placement games in my experience as a gamer with over 400 games in my collection. I purchased Anachrony on at the spur of the moment with no knowledge of what this game was based. I also (a MUST BUY) purchased the figures designed for this game as well as the price was practical for what you receive. What I got was PLENTY of HEFT!! This game has a lot of components for the low low price compared to other games I have purchased. The game was fairly easy to learn as there are plenty videos on the GEEK. After playing solo (this game has a solo BOT feature, I found that the mechanics, theme, hard choices one must make, and time to play (about 30 min per player). I found that this game was well worth the purchase. The theme fit solidly the mechanics and the figures (sold separately) of the game (you receive cardboard tokens for the exosuits your workers need to travel on the board). Here are some of the fine points of this game that make it a MUST buy:
a) Medium weight mechanics - easy to teach
b) Limited actions that you set for yourself each turn, making your actions each turn very important and at time excruciating (i.e. collecting resources over building an important structure before your opponent takes it, taking the next First Player action, going back in time to clean up your anomalies, and taking the crucial worker you may need for the turn). All these hard (easy mechanically) decisions make this game a blast to play.
c) Component quality is very good, and BETTER with the exosuit purchase (another MUST buy)
d) Speed of play - about 1.5 to 2 hours to play a four (4) player game
e) Scoring mechanics are easy to calculate and makes sense - no real method to conceal but there are many routes to take for Victory!
f) Solo rules
g) Time travel (basically a borrow and pay later or loose VP's)
h) Expansions are in the making (per designer)
i) Unique game mechanics
j) A little "In your eye" type mechanics. There are only a selected number of actions to take. You must decide before the turn begins how many you will take and not know what everyone else may be thinking. When the actions start, there are many that only ONE can take, thus spurning all others from that activity. Can make for very difficult decisions, especially after the asteroid strikes and one must vacate - receive or not receive VP's in the process. Lots of fun stress to be had by ALL!
I) Should have been the GAME of the YEAR
Game Play
Review by VonEpp on 4/11/2018