Eaten by Zombies: We Have the Bomb! Promo Pack

Eaten by Zombies: We Have the Bomb! Promo Pack (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Mayday Games

We Have the Bomb!

- Before the start of the game, shuffle this card into the bottom half of the Zombie Deck

- When revealed from the ZOMBIE DECK, end this player's turn.

- Remove 6 cards from the top of each players SAFE HOUSE (reshuffle if necessary); 6 cards from the ZOMBIE DECK (reshuffle if necessary) and 2 cards from the top of all SWAG piles.

- Shuffle all removed cards and place them face down on top of "We Have a Bomb!"

- At the beginning of each player's turn, return the top 2 cards from here to the SWAG piles or to the ZOMBIE DISCARD or place "We Have the Bomb!" on the bottom of the ZOMBIE DECK.

Bomb Shelter

- You may Discard this card at any time to draw a card.

- If this card is revealed from the top of your deck, you may choose to not reveal or lose any more cards this turn and place this card in your discard pile.

- If "Bomb Shelter" is the only card in your deck you die.

- (If "Bomb Shelter" is chosen as one of the Swag cards, add "We Have the Bomb!" to the Zombie Deck.)

1 We Have the Bomb! Card
8 Bomb Shelter Cards