Star Trek Catan

Star Trek Catan

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Since 1966, millions of Star Trek fans all over the world have watched the adventures of the Starship Enterprise, Captain Kirk, and Mr. Spock. And since 1995, millions of enthusiastic players all over the world have played Klaus Teuber's The Settlers of Catan - a board game classic. It's time to bring them all together on the Final Frontier!

Space...the Final Frontier. The many resource rich planets within the limits of Federation territory await exploration and settlement. Build outposts and star bases to extract the resources. Using your fleet of starships, establish supply routes that enable you to boldly go further into deep space. Avoid resource shortages by trading with your opponents and Federation neighbors. If your opponents venture too far into your space, though, you might need to divert the Klingons to drive them away... because in the end, only one can be the Federation's greatest hero! Take up the challenge!

Star Trek Catan transports the timeless game concept of the world's most acclaimed board game - The Settlers of Catan - into the exciting Star Trek universe. The popular characters of the Starship Enterprise come into play through novel new "support cards." Build, trade and settle where no one has gone before!

19 Interchangeable Planet Sector Tiles
6-Part Game Board Frame
28 Outposts
16 Habitat Rings (For Upgrading Outposts to Starbases)
60 Starships
1 Klingon Battle Cruiser
2 Special Victory Point Cards
10 Support Cards
25 Development Cards
4 Building Costs Cards
95 Resource Cards
2 Six-sided Star Dice
Rules & Almanac

Ages: 10+
Players: 3-4
Game Length: 75-90 minutes




A fun, great verison of Catan.
So, after playing Star Trek Catan, I decided this game needed a review. As this is my first review, please be understanding. I'm going to skip explaining the basic rules of Catan (there are plenty of pages dedicated to that) and, instead, will talk about the components, the new things in the game, and my impressions of it. It plays with all the rules of basic Catan, and adds, in my opinion, some fun twists that make the game more enjoyable.

You get 19 high quality resource tiles, 6 frame pieces (to hold the board in place, also has the ports on them), 95 resource cards (they are water (replacing ore), food (replacing sheep), oxygen (replacing wheat), dilithium (replacing wood), and tritanium (replacing brick), 25 development cards, 10 support (or character) cards, 4 sets of player pieces (4 starbases, 7 outposts, and 15 starships), a Klingon k'tinga cruiser, and the resource/point cards (longest road and largest army).

5/5 stars
All of the components are high quality and look great. I love the buildings and ships- they are high quality plastic.

New Rules:

There are only a few new rules in the game, mostly dealing with the character cards. Each player starts the game with a character card (Either Sulu, Spock, Scotty, or Uhura). Characters can be used to give you some sort of bonus once, and then turned in for a different character (of your choice), or they can be used twice and turned in for a different character. Regardless of if you use the character once or twice, you can only use on ability each round of play. The characters are:

Uhura- Lets you name a resource, then trade any resource in your hand for that resource from up to 2 opponents.
Scotty- Lets you substitute any resource for one of the resources required to build a starship (road).
Spock- If you don't receive any resources after someone rolls for production and a 7 is not rolled, lets you get 1 resource of your choice from the bank.
Sulu- Lets you move 1 starship to any other legal spot on the board, as long as the starship is not blocked by your outposts on both sides.
Kirk- When a 7 is rolled, you can either not lose half the cards from your hand if you have 8 or more or pick any 1 resource card from the bank.
McCoy- Lets you substitute any resource for one of the resources required to get a development card.
Chekov- Lets you move the Klingon back to the asteroid field (the desert) and take 1 resource from the bank that matches the type the Klingon moved from.
Rand- Lets you trade 2:1 for any one resource for 1 turn.
Chapel- Lets you look at the resource hand of an opponent who has more points than you and take 1 resource from them.
Sarek- Lets you discard 1 Starfleet Intervention card (a soldier) to either build an outpost for 1 tritanium and 1 dilithium, or a starbase for 2 water and 1 oxygen.

The only other new rules in the game are that, instead of replacing outposts with starbases, you upgrade them, meaning you put a starbase top on the outpost. That is why you have 7 outposts, so you can get all the points you need to win with 3 starbases and 4 outposts.

4.5/5 stars

I really enjoyed the game. I loved the cards and what they added, though I hated that Sarek and Chapel were so situational. We used Spock, Kirk, Chekov, and Scotty the most. I was in last place and used Chapel, which let me steal the card I needed to get my starbase, but none of us used Sarek. He didn't seem worth it to us- You can build a starbase for 5 cards, or discard a development card and 3 resources for a city- a 6 card investment. Plus, none of us wanted to discard our soldier card- we use them frequently. All in all, however, I really enjoyed the game, and thought it offered a lot more flexibility and fun than regular Catan. The characters allowed me to come from behind and win (I was behind by 2 points), and I enjoyed how it was different- the characters kept us all on our toes, and allowed everyone a fair chance to win. No one was clearly in the lead during our games playing, which was fun and enjoyable.

All in all, if you like Catan and Star Trek, get it. If you like Catan but wish it had some different and fun changes, get this. If you don't like Catan- don't get this.
Game Play
Review by Erik on 8/16/2016
Catan for Star Trek fans
Catan is a must have game for everyone and this version is a must have game for Star Trek fans.
The rules are the same, but everything get thematics. Now you have planets, the building changes, the resources are thematic and the thief si a Klingon ship.
Game Play
Review by Leonardo Frossard on 10/17/2015
Excellent adaptation of a great game!
Catan is all about resource management and expanding your supply lines. The fact you can do it in the star trek universe makes it that much better. Same feel as Settlers of Catan but all of the pieces and cards have been altered to boldly go where no Catan has gone before.
Game Play
Review by ZimZam on 9/25/2015