Agricola: Family Edition

Agricola: Family Edition

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Manufacturer: Mayfair Games

Simple rules and a strong theme make this game accessible to everybody.

Build your own farm!
You need room for yourself and your family, and pastures for lots of animals.

Send your people out to work!
In order to take an action in Agricola, you need to place a person on an action space. This will provide you with grain, allow you to plow fields, and you can even build a wind mill - just like that!

Diversity is key!
Monoculture is boring. Keep a good balance between farming and animal husbandry and you will have a flourishing and nice looking farm in the end, whether you win or not.

1 Game Board
2 Game Board Extensions
4 Starting Houses
12 Wood/Clay Room Tiles
16 Large Pastures
20 Small Pastures/Fields
11 Improvement Tiles
9 Substitute Markers
5 Begging Markers
1 Rooster Marker
44 Food Markers
1 Round Counter
170+ Wooden Pieces
  ‣ 10 Stables
  ‣ 20 People
  ‣ 18 Sheep
  ‣ 15 Boar
  ‣ 13 Cattle
  ‣ 25 Grain
  ‣ 30 Wood
  ‣ 25 Clay
  ‣ 15 Reed
Rule Book

Ages: 8+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 45 minutes



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