Firefight 2E: Book & Counter Combo

Firefight 2E: Book & Counter Combo

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Manufacturer: Mantic Games

Set in and around the vast Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere, Firefight is an immersive and exciting tabletop game of futuristic battles fought on alien worlds and in the warzones of the future. Firefight is played by two players, each controlling a Strike Force of highly trained (or degenerate) warriors and war machines, all vying for control of strategic objectives.

The Rule Book contains all you need to know for commanding your army of Mantic models, as well as 16 exciting missions to challenge both you and your opponent. Also included is a large background section, giving you a deep-dive into the vast, dangerous, but lucrative Warpath Universe.

The Force Lists Book contains all the rules for building a Strike Force of Mantic models and full lists for seven Firefight factions:
  • The enigmatic Asterians
  • The ruthless Enforcers
  • The stubborn Forge Fathers
  • The relentless CGPS
  • The cunning Marauders
  • The deadly Plague
  • The insidious Veer-myn

The token sheet contains all the counters and markers you need for your games of Firefight

1 Rulebook (Softcover)
1 Force Lists Book (Softcover)
Game Counters Set