Traveller RPG: Deepnight Revelation 1 - Riftsedge Transit (Hardcover)

Traveller RPG: Deepnight Revelation 1 - Riftsedge Transit (Hardcover) (Clearance)

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The first expansion of the epic Deepnight Revelation campaign.

Riftsedge Transit
The expedition begins with a transit along the edge of the Great Rift, taking the Travellers beyond Charted Space. This is the last chance to turn back, the final shakedown before the years of travel begin to unfold. Problems with the ship or her crew could scrub the whole mission, and problems certainly exist! How the Travellers deal with these issues will have repercussions throughout the voyage.

Wonders & Terrors
Rampant life on a garden world. The blaze of energy from a coalescing star. Space-dwelling creatures sporting in the rings of a gas giant. There are wonders to be witnessed, and dangers too. The Travellers will delve into the wreckage of a dead civilisation, and find the legacy of another mission with the same goal.

The Alikaia
The Alikaia are a spacefaring race completely unknown in Charted Space. The Travellers have a chance to rescue survivors from one of their vessels - under highly unusual circumstances. They must then negotiate a complex first-contact situation where nothing is quite what it seems.

The Riftsedge Transit. Wonders and terrors on the fringe of the Great Rift.