Built for War

Built for War

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The second world war was decided by the use of armor to outflank, outgun, and outrun the enemy. Innovations during the war were staggering: bigger guns, thicker armor, larger engines, wider treads, radios, machine guns, turret speeds, and even crew training all changed immensely during the war.

What if you controlled your country's tank-design process? What if you could determine the outcome of the war? In Built for War, you design the main battle tank for one of the four major powers in the war. Will you design a behemoth at the expense of agility and speed or a faster, more nimble tank to capture objectives?

These are the hard choices that you will need to make. You decide. You design. But, whatever you choose, do it well. Your country is counting on you!

1 Main Board
4 Playerboards
55 Early War Technology Tiles
47 Late War Technology Tiles
40 Support Cards
50 Action Cards
1 Rulebook
4 Player Aids
4 Doctrine Tiles
12 Malfunction/Suppressed Markers
2 Season Tiles
2 Year Tiles
4 Dice
8 Wooden Discs
4 Wooden Cubes

Note: The AI Expansion decks are not included.

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 120 minutes


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