MTG Figurines from the Vault: Perilous Myr (Limited Edition)

MTG Figurines from the Vault: Perilous Myr (Limited Edition)

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Manufacturer: Ultra Pro

Home Plane: Mirrodin

With their creator gone, the creatures known as the Myr were lost. Some continued with their last known instructions, repeating their tasks without direction or purpose, while others simply shut down to await commands that would never come. The loss of Memnarch did not kill them, but with no true consciousness within them, their continued way of life was scarcely life at all.

Figurines From the Vault capture the most adorable side of your favorite creatures. The collection features some of the most iconic creatures you will encounter on the battlefield. Summon your very own Myr and bring them to your next Friday Night Magic duel.


• Officially licensed Myr figurine for Magic: The Gathering - Based on the Silver Myr card

• An adorable take on the most fearsome creatures in all the realms

• Stylized vinyl figure stands 3.75" tall.

• Features a matte grey finish and unrelenting loyalty