Conan RPG: Waves Stained Crimson (Hardcover)

Conan RPG: Waves Stained Crimson (Hardcover)

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Death & Destruction Wait Upon the Waves

In desperation the sailors abandoned their oars and snatched up their weapons. It was valiant, but useless. They had time for one flight of arrows before the pirate was upon them.

From a merciless attack in the dead of night, to bloodthirsty duels in the port of Tortage, life is never easy on the ocean waves. In this thrilling campaign, players will raid cities, avenge being enslaved at the hands of a ruthless buccaneer, and write themselves into legend!

When their ship is sacked, and the daughter of a merchant prince is kidnapped, the players are thrust into a world of intrigue, deadly sorcery, and the threat of apocalypse. Coursing across the raging seas of the Hyborian Age, the adventurers confront terrors of the like they've never seen before; degenerate cults, murderous cutthroats, and a weaver of the darkest magics, with a plan for the world that must be halted...

Inside this book, you'll find:

• A thrilling, all-new campaign for Conan RPG: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of

• Five adventures, creating a series of challenges for even the most experienced of players

• New islands to explore, new monsters to fight, and new antagonists to defeat

A copy of Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of is necessary to use the contents of this book.


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