Super Fantasy Brawl: Core Box

Super Fantasy Brawl: Core Box

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Manufacturer: Mythic Games

Welcome to the annual Super Brawl of the magical land of Fabulosa! Control the greatest Champions of all time and combine their powers to win the ultimate arena Brawler!

A game of Super Fantasy Brawl is easy to play:

1. Get your three cores of magic: Manipulation, Creation, and Destruction.
2. Choose 3 Champions and shuffle their decks.
3. Check if you score any active challenges.
4. Exhaust your cores to play actions and/or cards.
5. Refresh

6 Champion Miniatures (Unpainted, Assembled)
42 Champion Cards
11 Challenge Cards
4 Player Dashboards
1 Arena Board
58 Various Cardboard Tokens
1 Four-player Overlay
8 Plastic Ring Bases
1 Rulebook

Ages: 14+
Players: 2 or 4
Game Length: 30-40 minutes


• Area Majority / Influence
• Deck Construction
• Grid Movement
• Hand Management
• Hexagon Grid
• Line of Sight
• Team-Based Game
• Variable Player Powers