In the Name of Odin

In the Name of Odin

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The days of the old Jarl are coming to an end, and as he passes on heirless, many rise up to the challenge of proving themselves worthy of succeeding him. As a young Viking leader, you will build houses and ships, recruit followers, and gain powerful allies to raid faraway lands in search of wealth and glory. Foresight, boldness, and skillful planning will be required if you want to become the new Jarl and rule in the name of Odin!

In the Name of Odin is a game of strategy and skill for 2-5 players. On their turn, each player will use a hand of cards to perform multiple actions: constructing different structures in their village, building ships, gathering three types of Vikings, recruiting a powerful ally, and going on raids that score them points needed to win the game. Each building, ship, and ally will come with their own special ability, allowing players to build clever and unique combinations every game.

1 Game Board
5 Player Boards
30 Warrior Miniatures
30 Trader Miniatures
30 Sailor Miniatures
17 Hero Cards
12 Longship Cards
16 Raid Cards
20 Building Cards
90 Action Cards
3 Viking Tokens
20 Damage Tokens
20 Construction Tokens

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 60 minutes



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