Zona Alfa: Rulebook

Zona Alfa: Rulebook

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So, you decided to sneak past the Cordon, eh? Slip by the patrols and the towers, through the minefield, under the electric fence, to take your chances in the Exclusion Zone?

Zona Alfa is a set of simple, fast-play skirmish rules for scavenging, exploring, and surviving in a near-future, post-apocalyptic Eastern European setting. Players take control of crews of loners, misfits, and thrill-seekers, who are desperate enough to risk the Exclusion Zone for the valuable artifacts and salvage it contains.

Customize your fighters with a variety of weapons and gear to create your ideal team, from well-armed military units and crazed cultists, to opportunistic bandits and savvy traders. With extended rules for campaigns, character progression, terrain, and environmental hazards, Zona Alfa contains all the tools required to engage in blistering firefights within the Exclusion Zone.

You and Your Comrades Will Need 7 Things to Enter the Zone:

1. A flat surface of at least 3' x 3'. For larger games with more players, use a 4' x 4' or 4' x 6' area.

2. Dice. Four d10s per player, and at least one d6 for the Zone Effects Tables.

3. A tape measure or ruler marked in inches (a laser pointer will come in handy, too).

4. Battlefield Terrain. Appropriate terrain and scenic items to represent the dangerous sections of the Zone. The more, the better.

5. Tokens & templates. You will need tokens to mark Activated, Alert, Pinned, and Wounded stats. You will need a set of Blast and Flamethrower Templates (Large Blast is 5" diameter, Small Blast is 3" diameter, and Flame Thrower is an 8" x 3" teardrop).

6. A turn counter. Zona Alfa missions have a turn limit, so you'll need to mark the countdown.

7. Miniatures. You'll need figures for both Zone Crews and Zone Hostiles. Each players needs 4-12 miniatures. While designed with 28mm miniatures in mind, Zona Alfa also works in 15mm.


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