Cthulhu Wars Core Set (Onslaught Two Printing)

Cthulhu Wars Core Set (Onslaught Two Printing)

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Manufacturer: Petersen Games

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The Old Ones have risen. Monsters walk the Earth. Humanity is finished but the struggle continues. Which Great Old One will rule the ruins of Earth? Now, you take charge!

Cthulhu Wars is a fast-moving strategy game about the end of the world. You take the part of various monstrous aliens seeking to dominate the world. You can play as Great Cthulhu imself, or you can take charge of other factions, such as the slithering hordes of the Crawling Chaos, or the insane minions of the Yellow Sign.

The game has a huge map of Earth to fight over, and 64 high-quality figures, all drawn from the dread Cthulhu Mythos, including Cthulhu himself, Cultists, Shoggoths, and many other horrors. We've designed these figures to 28mm scale, compatible with many other tabletop games.

Earn and cast spells and summon monsters unique to your own Faction. Each Faction is strikingly different in tactics and techniques. A strategy that works for the Black Goat will be ineffective for the Crawling Chaos. The game is for 2-4 players...up to 5 if you get one of the expansions. Each Faction has multiple unique strategies for winning, so Cthulhu Wars has incredibly depth and replay value.

Cthulhu Wars is a combination of strategic gaming and Lovecraftian horror, with the bonus of high-quality monster figures to make yoru game even more fun. Sandy Petersen, its creator, is well-known as one of the top game designers in the industry, and this is his best work so far!

Onslaught Two printing includes the full Omega Rulebook which includes core rules and rules on all expansions to date. Other upgrades have been made to this version from the original print.

Full-color Rulebook
4 Player Hint Cards
2 Huge Map Boards of Earth
8 Faction-specific Markers
6 Ritual of Annihilation Tracks
Doom Track
20 Six-sided Dice
4 Faction Cards
Ritual of Annihilation Marker
First Player Token
24 Spellbooks
12 Desecration Markers
24 Gate Markers
36 Elder Sign Chits
64 Fully Assemble Plastic Figures
- 1 Cthulhu
- 1 Nyarlathotep
- 1 Shub-Niggurath
- 1 Hastur
- 1 The King in Yellow
- 24 Acolyte Cultists
- 4 Deep Ones
- 2 Shoggoths
- 2 Starspawn
- 3 Nightgaunts
- 3 Flying Polyps
- 2 Hunting Horrors
- 2 Ghouls
- 4 Fungi from Yuggoth
- 3 Dark Young
- 6 Undead
- 4 Byakhee

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 90-120 minutes


Best War Game
The ultimate area control of all time.
Game Play
Review by Daniel Henrique on 6/21/2017
the best war game
The ultimate area control of all time.
Game Play
Review by Daniel Henrique on 6/21/2017
perfect game
my favorite game of all time, well worth the money
Game Play
Review by Aaron on 6/21/2017