Quantum: Revised Edition


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Manufacturer: Passport Game Studios

Expand Your Empire. Outwit Your Enemies. Evolve Your Fleet.

Launch the interceptor! Move the flagship into orbital position! Reconfigure that battlestation! Your squadron of loyal starships, powered by quantum probability itself, carries your might to the far-flung stars. How will history remember you? As a ravenous destroyer? A clever tactician? A brilliant explorer? Maneuver your armada, construct world-shattering technologies, and rally the remnants of humanity for a final confrontation.

Quantum is an epic game of strategy and conquest for 2-4 fleet commanders.

Each die is a starship. A 6 is a swift but fragile scout - a 1 is a slow but devastating battlestation. Customize your battles - play on one of the 30 unique map layouts or design your own. To win, construct quantum cubes. Massive energy extractors, each one you build evolves your fleet in new ways.

24 Map Tiles
28 Dice
2 Combat Dice
22 Gambit Cards
31 Command Cards
4 Command Sheets
28 Quantum Cubes

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60 minutes

NOTE: Manufactured by Funforge, distributed by Passport Game Studios.




1 two player play through. Liked it. Dice as your ships want to play more and with more players.
Game Play
Review by Alphaborn on 2/19/2019
Abstract Sci-Fi fun with Dice & Cubes!
Man, I love this game. First of all, it's so pretty with all the multi-colored dice and cubes that it makes the appearance of this game on your table something that catches people's eyes.

But the real hook is the gameplay. Using dice as your ships, the object is to build all your Quantum cubes on planets in your system. The system is made up of modular tiles that can be set up in multiple configurations, depending on the type of game you want to play (exploratory versus combative) and the number of players (2 to 4). In each turn, you can take 3 actions -- you can move or move and attack, deploy ships, earn research points, and build Quantum cubes (this uses 2 actions). The real heft, is the ability to reconfigure your ship, which allows you to literally re-roll the die (ship) of your choosing -- this is important because the number on the die determines your ship's special power, which you can utilize in your turn WITHOUT burning an action.

Holy cow, this is a spicy game. Once you start playing, you're obsessed with exploring all the different options you have during your turn, but you soon find out that you also have to be aware of what your opponents are doing, because whoever builds all their Quantum cubes first wins the game. Which means if you're not watching, you could lose quite quickly.

Adding to the fun are Command cards, that allow you to permanently alter the abilities of your ship or give you bonus actions during future turns, et cetera. But the Gambit cards also give you one-shot powers that you can use only once for quick strategic advantages.

Every time I have played Quantum with someone new, they've remarked how much fun it is, and immediately wanted to play it again because there are so many things you can do in this game. It's overwhelming the first time, but after you've got a game under your belt, you feel more confident, and you can try new things.

NOTE: The dice that came with the Fun Forge version of the game weren't cured in the correct manner by the dice manufacturer. Fun Forge is aware of this, and if you get a copy of this game with the so-called "sticky dice", email them, and they will be glad to send you replacement dice for free. Which is what they did for me.

Well worth the price, and the time. Great game.
Game Play
Review by Zach on 9/24/2015