Starship Samurai

Starship Samurai

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Maintain Honor, No Matter the Cost...

Galactic Emperor Hoshi has died, and the tenuous peace she forged among the interstellar clans of the Lotus Galaxy has collapsed. In the wake of this chaos, you, the leader of a powerful and influential clan, must bring honor to your people and claim the galactic throne.

• Launch massive fleets to defeat your enemies and seize key locations.
• Forge alliances with the lesser clans so that they might back your claim to the throne.
• Devastate the plans of your foes with power-shifting action cards.
• Deploy the most fearsome weapons the galaxy has ever known - the terrifying Samurai Mechs.

1 Rulebook
1 Alliance Board
4 Location Boards
4 Player Boards
48 Action Cards
16 Unit Cards
16 Location Cards
8 Samurai Mech Figures
32 Fighter Ship Figures
4 Carrier Ship Figures
44 Wealth Tokens
1 First Player Token
4 Player Score Markers
16 Order Markers
8 Clan Markers

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60-90 minutes




I give this an eight and look forward to expansions. A lot of fun and an easy to teach easy to learn little area control card drafting game.
This is a really fun game. If you like area control with some good Euro mechanics then you should like this game. It has some good player interaction with players going back and forth as to who will control certain areas. it is balanced pretty well. The components are super nice and the art is gorgeous. it has a good mixture of some different mechanics. It has a few scoring tracks which remind me of Terra Mystica scoring. I like the card drafting aspects and the pseudo deck building which is taking place. For whatever reason the game reminds me of a quicker lighter Scythe. Also, the game plays in about an hour which is super cool. It's a great game, underrated for sure, and it has Samurais in space, so how can you go wrong?
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Review by John on 9/10/2019
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