No Quarter Presents: Forces of Distinction

No Quarter Presents: Forces of Distinction (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Privateer Press

There are a million ways to prepare your army for war. Here are thirty more.

Ripped from the pages of No Quarter - and presented for the first time in a single volume - come over thirty theme forces for Warmachine and Hordes to add thematic depth and all-new strategies and tactics to your game.

In addition to rules for fielding famous forces straight from the battlefields of Immoren, each theme force also includes fiction written by Privateer Press' top authors, providing an intimate view of the origins and actions that have made these units famous.

Whether you want to unleash the feared "Claws of the Dragon," an elite regiment composed of the best that Khador's Iron Fang Pikemen have to offer under the leadership of the terrifying Butcher of Khardov...take a trip with the greatest heroes of the Northern Kirels, bound by blood to Khunia's favorite son Borka Kegslayer in "Family Reunion"...or run Cygnar's journeymen through the gauntlet under the no-nonsense eye of Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane in "Trial by Fire," Forces of Distinction has theme forces for every faction to challenge your opponents and inspire your hobby.