Warmachine: Cygnar - Gun Mage Captain Adept

Warmachine: Cygnar - Gun Mage Captain Adept

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This sharp-eyed soldier can take a pistol and work a variety of projectile miracles. Target too tough to damage? Nope. Difficult to hit? Doubtful. Out of range? Probably not. Target completely out of sight?! Its still OK.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


Great Gunner
The Gun Mage Solo comes with a fun set of abilities that help him pick off even some of the highest def models when aiming, he also has ways to ignore things such as stealth, LOS, concealment, and cover. He is a great solo that makes a good addition to any Cygnar Force.
Game Play
Review by Ivan C on 9/17/2015