Warmachine: Cygnar - Grenadier Light Warjack

Warmachine: Cygnar - Grenadier Light Warjack

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Using the same undercarriage as the Hunter, the Grenadier exchanges its predecessor's boiler and long gun for heavier armor and weapons designed for trench war. The 'jack's mattock punches cleanly through even heavy armor, and when assisted by Trenchers, it can launch a hail of troop-killing grenades over the heads of its enemies.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


Surprisingly powerful solo sniper
Most people, when you ask them the best way to drop AOEs, will point you to Herne and Jonne with Dougal Mcniell. That's great an all, points wise, those two cost as much as just the Grenadier, but when it comes down to it, two of their AOEs are just blast damage, and they move at a slow speed. I've found that marshaling this clanky gravedigger to an ATGM Officer, and pairing him with a Trencher Master Gunner makes for a RNG 14 RAT 9 with aiming, POW 12 solo hunter. Arcing fire means you can always reach what you mean to and his high RAT, with Artillerist, and Dig In (*) make him accurate and survivable, plus he has more health than Herne and Jonne combined.
Game Play: You will surprise people, and even after they figure out it will murder their solos, he can still get mileage laying down accurate Thunderbolt AOEs.
Quality: I scored it a little lower because it has just the one pose, but 4 * because that pose is really cool. Make sure to attach the Mattock arm carefully as its a little weak until the glue sets properly, you may even want to pin it. The shoulder armor on the Grenade Launcher arm is weird and needs to actually be attached, which I just don't get. Great sculpt though, one of my favorite lights.
Price: He costs as much as that new Acosta solo, ( I know I just dated this review) which you can't argue with.
Value: Accurate, cheap in points and wampum, and really good at multi-tasking, this beast will deliver.
Game Play
Review by Hark on 9/9/2015