Warmachine: Cygnar - General Adept Sebastian Nemo Epic Warcaster

Warmachine: Cygnar - General Adept Sebastian Nemo Epic Warcaster

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Sebastian Nemo has defended Cygnar for nearly fifty years. Promoted to general, he has learned from recent battles and created new strategies and weapons to throw back his nation's enemies. Nemo takes to battle with surprising aggression and power. His experience thwarts his foe's plans as surely and easily as his augmented strength shatters armor and bone.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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Grandpa got some new moves.
pNemo is one of my favorite casters to field, and his Epic variant is no different. In his Prime form, he can overload a warjack with five focus, and run a single clanker like a Ballerina covered in tank armor. In his Epic form he can run an entire table of them, fully loaded, for a single turn. His feat pours three focus into every 'jack in his battle-group. I mentioned in my Charger review, that running him with half a dozen Chargers is fun, imagine him with a full table of Ironclads, or Stormclad. He makes any 'jack ten times more fun. At 50-75 points, he's just not fair. If you wanna have some fun, he is definitely one of the best ways to do that.
Game Play: He's fun, he's fluffy, and he lives up to the name Epic.
Quality: An amazing sculpt, a bitch too assemble though. His shoulder pads, head, and backpack are all seperate pieces and you are going to glue your fingers together at least twice trying to assemble him. What I found to work, was to put his right shoulder piece in first, let it dry. Then add the head, and while it isn't fully set, slide in the left shoulder piece, and then fit the back pack on last. It'll be tough and you'll probably want to dry fit a few times, but you'll figure it out. After that, the rest is cake, and painted up, he just looks plain sexy...well as sexy as an old guy throwing lightning can.
Price: Not as cheap as a normal solo or 'caster but then again, none of the Epics are.
Value: Absolutely buy him if you want to run a lot of 'jacks and have a fun game.
Game Play
Review by Hark on 9/11/2015