Warmachine: Cygnar - Thorn Character Light Warjack

Warmachine: Cygnar - Thorn Character Light Warjack

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Thorn behaves with almost reckless aggression in battle as if it enjoys taunting the enemy to try to catch it while it rushes forward. To bolster its ability to evade opposing 'jacks, Major Haley had Thorn outfitted with a disruptor spear, which it has used to fend off 'jacks three times its weight. Haley's soldiers believe its willingness to go for the throat comes directly from the warcaster herself.

Thorn comes in a blister (PIP 31054). A player may field one Thorn in his Cygnar army.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


Haley's arc node
Haley's character warjack. If you're fielding any Haley and want an arc node, look no further than Thorn. Being engaged in melee shuts down every arc node's ability to channel spells - except Thorn. Charge him into heavy jack's to disrupt them and then take out their cortex permanently, all while channeling Haley's spells. He also has some additional movement abilities over the standard Lancer that make him worth the extra points.
Game Play
Review by Peter on 10/20/2015