Warmachine: Protectorate - Warcaster Grand Scrutator Severius

Warmachine: Protectorate - Warcaster Grand Scrutator Severius

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Grand Scrutator Severius through this Warcaster, the will of Menoth is executed with razor sharp precision.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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Great buffs, but squishy
Eye of Menoth is probably one of the best offensive buffs out there, and he's got some great defensive buffs as well as he can't be targeted by spells. The ability to convert enemies sounds great, but in practice if you're close enough to do that you are probably going to die next turn.

As a side note, the model I had didn't have any moulding lines on it, though it's not a very detailed model for a caster.
Game Play
Review by David on 9/12/2015