Warmachine: Protectorate - Fire of Salvation Heavy Warjack

Warmachine: Protectorate - Fire of Salvation Heavy Warjack

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Manufacturer: Privateer Press

Those who have stood before this aureate Crusader say its eyes carry a weight of presence more akin to a zealot than a soulless construct. Those who have fought alongside this peerless machine describe its dedication and loyalty as if speaking of another soldier of the faith. Its fervent wrath strikes terror in unbelievers and kindles rapture in followers of the True Law as Fire of Salvation incinerates entire ranks of heathens.Fire of Salvation comes in a box (PIP 32052). A player may field one Fire of Salvation in his Protectorate of Menoth army.


A steal!
This is well worth the price for a warjack to exclusively use for Kreoss. A hard hitting 'jack that like enact revenge on fallen comrades. My only complaint is assembly...I found it a little difficult gluing and posing a metal warjack together (your experience may vary), but other than that it's well worth the buy.
Game Play
Review by Michael on 9/12/2015